Eating Disorders

How Social Media Impacts Eating Disorders

Social media platforms have been transformational with being able to engage and connect with others around the world. These platforms can become detrimental for individuals suffering from eating disorders or in recovery. Exposure to unrealistic beauty standards can increase anxiety, depression and unhealthy behaviors. Here are the top three ways social media can impact eating disorders and what you can do to protect your overall health and well-being.

Body Objectification

Social media pictures can play a significant role with body objectification, which can be harmful for individuals with eating disorders. There can be significant pressure to share heavily edited photos in order to present a perfect image to the public at large. Validation of self-worth can be determined by how many likes or comments are received. This validation can lead to deciding whether or not to eat that day or the amount of self-esteem one has with personal body image.

Unhealthy Comparison Judgment

When you have an eating disorder, you may compare yourself to others on social media in a negative light. Toxic body imagery can give you an unrealistic expectation of what you think you should look like. Comparing yourself to others can increase social isolation and a range of emotional disorders. This can affect your perspective of happiness and success in your life.

Boost of Triggers for Eating Disorders

Unhealthy behaviors with eating disorders can be triggered by social media. Common triggers can include weight loss photos or posts about diets and exercise routines. Being mindful with the content you consume online can help protect you from triggers in your daily life that can damage your health and well-being.

Virtual Holistic Treatment for Eating Disorders

Social media can be a double-edged sword when it comes to eating disorders. Depending on what you read and watch online, these platforms can be beneficial or detrimental. If you struggle with unhealthy eating patterns, there are treatment options that can help you overcome. Earth’s Edge Wellness offers virtual care using a combination of holistic methods that can be more effective than traditional medical treatments. Learn how to improve your relationship with your body and food by calling to book an appointment today.