Yoni Banayan, Eating Disorder Therapist - licensed marriage & family therapist

Yoni Banayan LMFT

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I focus on creating change by integrating both the mind and body through tying in bioenergetics and energy work which includes a mix of somatic experiencing, psychodrama and eastern techniques along with internal family systems and psychodynamic approaches. I believe that being self-accountable and unapologetically myself allows others to do the same.

Disorders are an example of a human way to contextualize our understanding of one another and a convenient tool for insurance companies. Often, disorders can also be the dark side or the symptom of untapped talent you possess. Part of your healing can be accessing your ‘disorder’ more fully. Eventually, we learn that our disorders are ways we’ve learned or naturally have known to use to adapt at some other time. I believe that when we truly are in touch with this part of ourselves, it is no longer our demon, it can be our ally. It’s your power.

Yoni listens intuitively; he seems able to remove himself entirely from the dialogue. His first question, then, rests inevitably upon the perfect essence of the problem. This is a great skill, born of obvious learning, but made genuine through deep compassion.

Mark, Las Vegas
The depth of understanding and intuition that Yonaton Banayan demonstrated was unbelievable. I felt like he was able to really get where I was coming from and help guide me towards greater clarity and peace.
Perel, New York
He uses the modality that seems to fit the person’s issue rather than falling back to the same modality. Sometimes he uses sound, sometimes family of origin, other times dialogue, and often times some level of bio-energetics to support folks in getting “un-stuck”.
Tobias, Las Vegas

Yoni has a unique ability to suggest alternative perspectives on things within the context of real listening that doesn’t comprise the integrity of the communication, thereby leaving room for true growth to take place.

Yehuda, New York

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