When you have a borderline personality disorder, your thoughts and feelings about yourself and others are disrupted, which makes it challenging to carry out normal day-to-day activities. The condition is characterized by a history of insecure relationships, problems with self-esteem and trouble controlling one’s emotions and actions.

What Life is Like if You Have Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

Everything feels unstable when you have borderline personality disorder: your relationships, feelings, thinking, conduct and even your identity. Your sense of who you are, your sense of purpose and even your preferences and interests may undergo rapid and perplexing shifts.

You may have trouble being alone and suffer from severe anxiety about abandonment. However, even though you yearn for meaningful connections with others, your excessive anger, impulsiveness and mood swings often drive them away.

When you feel emotionally overwhelmed, you lose your ability to think clearly and remain rational. In addition, you have the propensity to be highly sensitive. Thus, reactions to even minor stimuli can be profound. Unfortunately, it is difficult to recover from anger once it has been triggered.

Still, it is no surprise that this lack of emotional stability and coping mechanisms leads to problems in interpersonal relationships and can prompt risky, even dangerous, actions. For example, you may lash out at others in harmful or inappropriate ways, leading to feelings of guilt and humiliation.

It is a vicious loop that often seems unbreakable. But in reality, it is not. It is possible to feel better and reclaim command of your emotions, thoughts and behavior with the revolutionary treatments and coping strategies for BPD offered at Earth’s Edge Wellness. Our holistic therapy for BPD improves upon conventional methods because it dissolves the traumatized personality by gradually replacing it with a new, fortified identity.

What Does Holistic Therapy for BPD Entail?

BPD is perhaps one of the misunderstood mental health diagnoses in western psychology. How we understand and treat people with this diagnosis starts in the conceptualization stage.

If you have BPD, we see you as a human with a trauma or generational trauma that has expanded your perception of self into ways broader than your limited society’s perception of self. Thus, your original identity is also confused, and many diagnostic symptoms become the only thing you can hold onto in a world where everything feels so fragmented or obsolete.

At Earth’s Edge Wellness, we do not believe you will ever be “normal” again. But if you give the unknown a chance, you can feel better and more alive and “real” than ever. It is like your old self was just the shell, and you feel shattered because you still identify as the cracked shell instead of the chicken inside!

We address this diagnosis by prompting the experiencer with repeated and consistent experiences beyond the known self. This method is typically done with a combination of specific yogic techniques, energetic practices that allow the body and mind to adjust to a larger personality construct and shamanic practices. We also use coaching and psychotherapy to help our participants find ways to take this new self into a practical real 3D world.

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