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New Year, New Perspective on Life: Meaningful Eating Disorder Healing


Few things feel as isolating as an eating disorder. Despite the fact that about 30 million people in the United States alone struggle with some form of disordered eating, it’s not uncommon to feel totally alone on your journey. Facing the reality of life with an eating disorder and working to heal those wounds is [...]

New Year, New Perspective on Life: Meaningful Eating Disorder Healing2023-01-12T09:42:35-08:00

The Value of Nutrition Support for Athletes


Counting calories and macros, meticulously balancing meals and working to provide your body with the nutrition it needs to meet the demands of your particular discipline can be a full-time job on its own. It can also easily become a problematic obsession that distracts you from your ultimate goals while also derailing healthy attitudes about [...]

The Value of Nutrition Support for Athletes2022-12-19T05:09:07-08:00

Parents Have the Power to Help Teenagers Heal


When you become a parent, there is no definitive guidebook for doing everything right. You strive to model healthy behaviors of body and mind. When your teenager develops a disordered relationship with food, traditional treatment methods may leave you feeling confused and defeated. To prioritize your child’s well-being, leaving medical models of standardized protocols for [...]

Parents Have the Power to Help Teenagers Heal2022-12-09T06:21:13-08:00

How Social Media Impacts Eating Disorders


Social media platforms have been transformational with being able to engage and connect with others around the world. These platforms can become detrimental for individuals suffering from eating disorders or in recovery. Exposure to unrealistic beauty standards can increase anxiety, depression and unhealthy behaviors. Here are the top three ways social media can impact eating [...]

How Social Media Impacts Eating Disorders2022-11-21T09:23:06-08:00

Early Signs of Eating Disorders


Food plays a significant role in all our lives but for some, it goes beyond just nourishment and enjoyment. When food becomes an obsession, either avoiding it or binging, it can evolve into an eating disorder. While each type of disordered eating is different, there are some commonalities. Knowing the early signs of eating disorders [...]

Early Signs of Eating Disorders2022-10-10T08:49:52-07:00

Learning to Lose the Food Labels


One of the unhealthy relationships that many people have with food is how they label and perceive certain foods. There are foods that have been labeled “good” and “bad,” which changes how you think about using them for nourishment. This way of thinking is at the core of disordered eating, and becomes a mental block [...]

Learning to Lose the Food Labels2022-09-21T09:13:38-07:00


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