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Virtual & Holistic Eating Disorder Treatment FAQs

I don’t have the time or freedom to try something if it won’t work, how do I know Earth’s Edge Wellness can help me with an eating disorder?2022-08-18T04:11:49-07:00

While nothing is set in stone, many of the practices we will do with you have already been successfully done so many times before with others before you. We are so sure about our holistic eating disorder program that if you are not happy within the first week, we will happily refund you for the remaining sessions of the month. Besides, don’t you owe it to yourself to invest into your wellbeing? If you don’t do it, who will? You have to be your own savior sometimes!

How do I know when I NEED to address my food or body issues or if this is something that is not serious enough?2022-08-18T04:09:54-07:00

Sometimes a question can answer a question. Try asking yourself these 3 questions: What do I need to do in this life? Who do I want to be in this life? What are the 3 things/concepts that matter most to me? Take a few minutes to think and write those answers down… Are your food or body issues getting in the way of what you truly value? Are your thoughts about yourself contrary to what you know to be most important to you? If you answered yes, you will learn how to get aligned with who you are meant to be.

How is Earth’s Edge Wellness a spiritual program and why is this necessary for me to start feeling good again?2022-08-18T04:13:31-07:00

Spirituality has gotten a funny rep. It’s either a new fad or an outdated concept! However, when we say we include spirituality we mean experiencing life deeper than your current conscious awareness. Ultimately, what is a spiritual experience for you today may be your new ordinary life tomorrow. We believe it is necessary to include this part of you in your eating disorder treatment because it is really where you are sourced: with heart, passion and a want for life that is bigger than life itself. And when you are cognizant of this part of existence, you allow yourself to expand and grow in a more substantive way. It will also allow you to feel more joy and be more playful when you realize who you are in context to the world at large and when you no longer need to suppress these sensations but can bring them into a helpful reality for yourself. So less beating yourself up and more looking into the possibilities that life has to offer!

I am a working professional/parent/college student and have a busy life. How will I be able to integrate Earth’s Edge Wellness eating disorder treatment into my already full schedule?2022-08-18T04:14:53-07:00

There is no need to take on more than your schedule allows, assuming your physical or mental health is not at risk. We also tailor our program around your lifestyle, so the timings, our homework that we give to you and hours that we meet you are all uniquely designed for you. Just let us know what can work and we will do the rest.

I don’t know if I have a food problem or if I am just stressed out, how can I find out?2022-08-18T04:20:13-07:00

On a surface level, how you feel and your “food problem” are rarely isolated. At the same time, if you know more about how your body works with food and movement, and how your mind can help or hinder you, you will be more empowered to make choices that actually work in your favor. If you are unsure, it may help to speak it out with someone to explore what it is for you. Click here to talk with us. Feel free to look into our resource section for more information as well.

What makes you different from other virtual eating disorder programs?2022-08-18T04:21:53-07:00

Where do we start? In every way: Our therapy and coaching is highly somatic, spiritual, experiential and fun. You will find yourself laughing and crying in the same session. Our dietitian is not only a specialist in eating and exercise disorders, she is also a specialist in sports nutrition, so she will also help factor in your particular physical goals or aspirations. We are the only program that we know of that contains both a Shaman and a Guru. Our Shaman is based in Australia and has done so much life shifting work with people who come to us, particularly with women, women’s issues and life cycles. She also specializes in the treatment of eating disorders utilizing powerful and cathartic shamanic techniques. Our Guru has extensive experience and knowledge and has been providing teachings to thousands of people on techniques from Buddhist, Sufi, and Kundalini traditions. The people who come to see him are of all ages, ethnicities and personal issues. One of his biggest strengths is understanding your underlying reason for your struggles and providing techniques that are effective enough to create quick change. We also provide an experiential career coach with +40 years of experience who helps you discover you and your passions and then helps you find a way to actualize that passion outward as opposed to inward. Our approach is as eclectic and holistic as it needs to be, yet it is highly detail oriented: everything you do and everyone you will meet will be designed intentionally with you in mind. The biggest practical difference we offer is how effective and quick our system is. Every client who has ever invested in working with us has had immediate positive changes within the first week! We hope other programs will learn from us and implement similar practice, but until they do, come join us in getting your life back. Click here to set up a time to talk with us.

Virtual or in person eating disorder treatment, how to decide?2022-08-18T04:24:09-07:00

There is no one way to decide this as it depends on numerous factors. A few major factors are your current physical health, recent doctor or lab notes, your lifestyle and current life conditions. For some people, a virtual setting allows them to integrate teachings and practices into their life more effectively and seamlessly. For others, in-person allows for a certain level of interaction and connection that virtual cannot provide. Ultimately it comes down to what works for you, your health and lifestyle. If you are local to Las Vegas, New York or San Diego, you will likely have some of your team members in your vicinity. and we can work with providing that as an additional resource for you if requested. Schedule an conversation to learn more.

What are the first steps that I will take when working with Earth’s Edge Wellness?2022-08-18T04:28:31-07:00

The first step you will take is by clicking a link that says “scheduling an appointment”. Once you schedule an appointment with us, our psychologist assessment team or our founder Yoni will talk with you directly and answer any questions you have. If you are interested you will be provided with an assessment which will both you and our team clarify what exactly your current issue is. The assessment includes clarifying your mental health history, your current symptoms as well as the underlying root of your current issue and the steps needed to be taken to get you to a happy place long term. The assessment does not only provide us with information about you; by the end of the assessment stage you will already know why you are struggling and have a clear understanding of what next steps will ensure your success.

My schedule is a difficult one or keeps changing, can you still work with my hours?2022-08-18T04:30:10-07:00

You are actually our ideal client! Our team is a global team, ranging from people in Australia to New York and California. Part of the benefit of having such a diverse crowd of people, aside from the broad techniques and ideas being generated, is the fact that we are available at all times of the day and that we can generally make almost any time work! We generally create a set monthly schedule for structure and convenience.

What is Earth’s Edge Wellness’ approach for treating eating disorders?2022-08-18T04:33:12-07:00

Our approach is very simple. We talk to you. We see what you need and then we gather in a team of people with the skill sets and personalities that will help you get to a place where your food, body or exercise are sources of joy instead of pain. Our team meets together weekly to make sure that we are all working as one unit in helping you get your desired goals accomplished. We believe that we need to take your past, present and future in mind. We also directly address your concerns that you have by using techniques that directly involve your body as well as your unconscious mind. Lastly, we believe that your passions and inner drives need to be accessed and experienced as your own. Once they are your own, and once you are given the tools to maturate these parts of yourself, you can lead the life you are meant to live. If not addressed, you already know what happens: your drive goes inward, causing you pain, self doubt, and self-criticism. So let’s get you to a place of joy instead of pain. Click here to set up a time to meet!

How long will it take?2022-08-18T04:34:24-07:00

While there is no one answer to this question, your specific timeline will be shared with you after your assessment. Because our holistic eating disorder treatments have been repeated numerous times it is possible for us to give you a specific estimate of your timeline from start to finish.

What are Earth’s Edge Wellness steps start to finish?2022-08-18T04:35:57-07:00
  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with us for an assessment. You may request to speak with us to ask questions as well.
  2. Receive your results: know what your root issues are that are causing your current issues, understand what factors are involved in getting your life back, find out who would be your ideal team and why they can help you with your specific situation.
  3. See your team 3-8x a week
  4. See your team less often as you begin to develop confidence in the skills you learnt up until this point
  5. You’re on your own and you got this!
What is holistic eating disorder treatment?2022-08-18T04:41:57-07:00

Holistic eating disorder treatment is when your treatment is viewed through multiple lens simultaneously: for example psychological, biological, biophysiological, energetic, financial and spiritual. The belief behind the holistic approach is simple: humans are complex and everyone has different needs and requires a different approach.

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