Eating disorders are one of the deadliest psychological illnesses, impacting your emotional, physical and spiritual health. It is estimated that 9% of Americans are under the control of an eating disorder, with many individuals not recognizing their condition until the symptoms become severe. At Earth’s Edge Wellness, we want to help those experiencing the stress and strain of an eating disorder recognize their current wellness state. Once diagnosed, the healing and recovery process can begin with our Holistic and Virtual programs that are customized for your journey.

Disordered eating has a wide variety of symptoms since there are many different types and variances. At Earth’s Edge Wellness, we focus on the individual, not their diagnosis or label for their eating disorder. While there are similarities between those with disordered eating, each person has their own set of eating irregularities based on their experiences.

Eating Disorders

For those with restricted eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, there are symptoms that revolve around food obsession and body dysmorphia. Some of the notable symptoms of anorexia nervosa and other restrictive eating disorders include:

  • Severely restricted calorie intake
  • Obsessive and restricted eating patterns
  • Overly focused on avoiding weight gain despite being underweight
  • Self-esteem linked to perceived body image or weight
  • Denial of being underweight
  • Obsessive food behaviors, including hoarding food or constant talking/reading about food

The symptoms of a restricted eating disorder are easier for others to see than for the individual. It is part of the difficulty of getting the help you need to regain control of your health and life.

Binge Eating Disorder Symptoms

Binge eating disorders are the most prevalent and involve uncontrolled eating for short periods of time. While the eating aspect is opposite of those with restricted eating, the lack of control over their eating is similar. Binge eating disorder symptoms include:

  • Consuming large quantities of food in short periods of time
  • Feeling out of control during binge episodes
  • Feeling shame, guilt or disgust about eating too much food
  • Eating large portions of food secretly

Binge eating disorders do not restrict calories or purge after eating. Bulimia nervosa combines the act of binging followed by calorie restriction, excessive exercise, vomiting, laxatives, and other purging behaviors.

If you recognize any of these eating disorder symptoms in your own behavior, it may be time to consider getting the help you need. Contact our Earth’s Edge Wellness team to learn more about our Holistic and Virtual healing program to begin your journey to a healthier life and relationship with food.

Binge Eating Disorder
Eating Disorder Therapy

Disorders that we treat:

  • disordered eating
  • anorexia nervosa
  • other specified feeding/eating disorder
  • avoidant restrictive food intake disorder.
  • binge eating
  • purging (throwing up or pooping)
  • over-exercise
  • any combination of any of the above