Major depression is among the most common psychological disorders, affecting about 4.7% of the world’s population, or over 300 million people. This stark statistic highlights another problem: depression is a severe global public health burden because of how many people are affected. Other common mood disorders include bipolar disorder and anxiety.

Symptoms of Mood Disorders

Sadness, guilt and an inability to focus are the main cognitive and affective symptoms that can manifest in those suffering from depression. Depressive episodes also cause appetite loss, psychomotor delay, changing sleep patterns, anxiety, hostility and irritability. These symptoms can interfere with one’s ability to perform routine daily activities like maintaining a healthy hygiene routine and showing up to work or school. The society also suffers as a result.

Treatment of Mood Disorders

Recent research results shows that suffering with major depressive disorder is associated with impaired interoceptive cues (awareness of the internal sensations in the body). This finding makes one wonder if it is better for a therapy program to first work on improving interoceptive skills. Earths Edge Wellness focuses on this method precisely.

When a suitable method is applied, mood disorders are a choice, not a disorder. However, most of the time, people are not fortunate enough to find the proper methods and are left living mediocre lives at best. Even the word “mental” health expresses a lack of knowledge of how to resolve the underlying issue, which comes down to two factors: disconnection from self and a lack of energy.

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Disconnection From Self

Mental health issues such as depression and Bipolar Personality Disorder occur when the body and mind are disconnected from one another or the self (spirit, soul or life). However, you can return to a positive place with the help of psychosomatic approaches, movement and breathing techniques, and talking about how you feel about the present and the past. Most people feel better within two weeks, but it usually takes two to three months to feel 100% back to normal (or even better than “normal”).

Lack of Energy

We are a combination of 37 trillion cells. If your cells are running on low energy, you are running on low power. Your body will be focused on survival and not on thriving. You will be focused on the illness instead of wellness. Daily practices that increase your energy on a cellular level will gradually and naturally stabilize your system. Most people see results within a week, and it takes 1-2 months of daily practice to get better than ever.

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Health Issues Could Be Mistaken for a Mood Disorder

Previously overlooked, the gut microbiota now plays a pivotal role in mental and physical health. The vagus nerve goes from the abdomen to the brain. It is a critical way that microbes in the gut can affect thinking and behavior. Therefore, it is imperative to rule out medical problems (such as thyroid issues, vitamin B12 deficiency and other nutritional deficiencies) before diagnosing a mood illness.

Sometimes, all that is needed to treat what is thought to be a mood disorder is a few changes in diet and lifestyle. At Earth’s Edge Wellness, we offer nutritional coaching if the cause of your mental disturbance is health-related. We also provide standard programming or individualized retreats to resolve mood disorders. Do not hesitate to contact us for holistic therapy to get your life back on track.