Earth's Edge Wellness  BBB Business Review
Earth's Edge Wellness  BBB Business Review

What makes Earth’s Edge Wellness different?

Earth’s Edge Wellness offers virtual treatment for eating disorders and is about believing the unbelievable. Thinking in a way that has not been thought of before. Earth’s Edge Wellness is a place you have yet to go.

Holistic and Spiritual healing of the roots causing your eating disorder/disordered eating.

A personalized team that includes both holistic and traditional practices

Flexible virtual programming so you can keep living your life

Other Disorders We Resolve

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety requires prompt treatment because if left untreated, it usually gets worse to the point of becoming debilitating.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

BPD is characterized by a history of insecure relationships, problems with self-esteem and trouble controlling one’s emotions and actions.

Drug and Behavioral Addictions

When a person develops a drug or behavioral addiction, they typically persist in their behavior despite the poor outcomes it produces.

Drug and Behavioral Addictions

Mood Disorders

Depression is a severe global public health burden. Other common mood disorders we treat include bipolar disorder and anxiety.

Mood Disorders

“I was on WAY too much of a certain anti-anxiety medication and needed to get off of it. With the help of Cosmin and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yoga I was able to do this. The teachings completely turn my spiritual/emotional life around. Which shocker, pretty much saved my life.

If you’re looking for an amazing teacher to introduce you to the most remarkable type of yoga around, I cannot recommend it enough. Regardless of your experience with yoga or your trepidation about trying it, just do it. You’re not going to find a more profound, personable and less pretentious instructor in town than Cosmin. And the results are life-changing.”

Amy, Las Vegas, NV

“Yoni is one of the most amazing practitioners I have ever met. He is able to get to the root cause of problems. He does not get distracted with fluff. He listens intently and is able to make connections where many practitioners are not. Not to mention he is extremely knowledgeable in many different areas. My son and I have both worked with Yoni and we always leave feeling renewed and ready for the next challenge. Yoni radiates peace, happiness, and love and it is a blessing to be in his presence as he makes you feel loved and cared for .”

Jennifer Hernandez, Las Vegas, NV
“Yoni and his team really helped me get through a really difficult time in my life and I’m still seeing the effects of what I learned and worked through on the retreat today.”
Shaina, Las Vegas, NV
“Kristan has a special way of imparting knowledge and opening you up to so many possibilities. My time was well spent learning from this woman.”
Paula Pilgrim, Las Vegas, NV

“I really appreciated it when Chelsea would discuss (or cite or send) the literature and studies that supported the advice she was giving me. I might be in the minority, but it allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of why I should do X and what to expect from my body. Chelsea is very personable, and I get the impression that she’s able to tailor her approach based on the client. For me, I was looking for someone to tell it to me straight, especially when my preconceived notions or research were wrong, and for someone that was willing to explain the theory behind the advice that they were giving. Chelsea did that in spades.

Jesse H., Las Vegas, NV

Why holistic treatment is more effective than western treatments alone

  • The cookie-cutter treatment model has strict inflexible programming, but a holistic model accounts for someone’s personal lifestyle, wellness and life integration.
  • Western mental health treatment is largely determined by insurance payout, despite claiming to be individualized, while holistic treatments are simply based on what a given individual needs help with.
  • Western mental health treatments are limited to current western techniques, limiting people from receiving adequate care and healing that has been used for centuries across the globe by people of all times, races, creeds and cultures.
  • Current mental health treatments foster codependency by relying on practitioners instead of empowering the individual by educating them/him/her enough to care for themselves.

As Seen In

Services We Provide

Psychotherapy services- Disordered eating and eating disorders are intertwined with psychology, as your body and mind coexist.


Psychotherapy is the process of unpacking your mood, behavior, thoughts, and feelings for the purpose of bettering parts of your life.

Career Counseling

Career counseling is the process of learning who you are by discovering your lifestyle, your preferred recreational activities and more.

Meal Support

 It’s our time to nourish our bodies so that we can have energy to experience the many things life has to offer.

Meal Support is crucial for holisitic treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, Bulimia & Binge Eating B.E.D.


Reiki, originating in Japan, is a gentle form of energy healing that can be done in person or from a distance.


Complete Our Evaluation

We provide the most compatible practitioners and coaches based on your previous experiences, personality, and what you have not tried yet.


Select Your Team

Utilize our hand-picked suggestions to decide who will be part of your personal team and how often you will see them.


Leave Earth’s Edge Wellness

Leave confidently! You are provided with a long term support system that you have already created!

Yoni Banayan, Eating Disorder Therapist - licensed marriage & family therapist

Enrich your life beyond survival!


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