Judy Litvak

I am happily married for 54 years, with 2 happily married sons and 4 incredible grandsons. I am a native New Yorker, and have lived in a northern NYC suburb for 41 years.

I am a NYC retired special educator, having been employed for 23 years in the high schools of the Special Education district for those students requiring more intense services throughout the NYC school system. I spent part of my career as the staff developer for Transition for the borough of Manhattan, training, guiding and coordinating the work of transition coordinators in individual schools in the district. For those unfamiliar with the term Transition in special education, it is preparing students ages 14-21 to live as independently and with the greatest degree of success possible. After retiring, I have worked with young people of all ages, helping them learn about themselves and their passions, and guiding them in the establishment of life goals, particularly in the area of employment. It is my belief, resulting from my own life experiences, that being passionate about and experiencing satisfaction from the work one does is not work but pleasure, and everyone is entitled to experience the fulfillment of his/her goals and the pleasure gained from the work he/she does.

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