Kristan Lee Read

Kristan Lee Read

Kristan completed her training as a Waldorf Educator in 2000, her Holistic Remedial Education training the following year and her Bachelor of Education in 2003.

In 2010, Kristan began as a student of the Four Seasons Journey with The School of Shamanic Womancraft and went on to train as a teacher of the program, graduating in 2016. Kristan has also completed her training as a teacher and facilitator of the one day workshops offered by the school,  Moonsong, Becoming a Woman, The Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy and Autumn Woman Harvest Queen. Kristan offers one-to-one private sessions using the modality of Shamanic Womancraft.

Nine years ago, Kristan in collaboration with her Teacher, Jane Hardwicke Collings, the founder of The School of Shamanic Womancraft, developed Project Pomegranate, a project that began with the intention of reframing Eating Disorders as another symptom of the wounded Feminine of the Patriarchal Culture and offer a ceremony for healing.

Kristan has participated and presented at festivals and conferences within Australia and internationally. Her work has been published in the Squat Birth Journal, BettyMag, Birth Matters and Midirs.

Kristan is currently completing her Masters Degree in Social Work.

I’ve participated in groups led by Kristan since 2008 and found each of these experiences to be a journey in learning, peace and clarity. Each of these journeys: from mothers gathering in community to guiding mothers and daughters in first bloom to women entering the menopause/crone space through the maga time have been enhanced by her warmth, knowledge and gentle application. Kristan is the bonfire round which we can sit and remember ourselves, gaining strength from her deep wisdom and lifelong learning.
Kris Campbell
Kristan is a powerful space holder and shamanic guide. The word Wayshower comes to mind, as she lovingly guides and opens a path to your own self-healing, exploration and discovery. Working with Kristan opened me to a shamanic level of awareness that allowed me to explore realms of myself I’m not sure I otherwise would have. Her warm and inviting presence is simply divine.
Danielle McMahon
Kristan has a special way of imparting knowledge and opening you up to so many possibilities. My time was well spent learning from this woman.
Paula Pilgrim
Kristan is a strong, intuitive and intelligent space holder. She deeply understands the complexities of the human experience, and the light but accurate touch of her support respects and encourages freedom, responsibility and agency. Kristan’s unique life experience and knowing combined with the skills she has developed through all of her trainings weave together to create a powerful, transformative presence.
Kirrilee Heartman
On our first meeting, I felt a connection and familiarity with Kristan. I found her wisdom, kindness and attention throughout my journey so powerful. I love her knowledge. She is a wise woman!!!
Kari H.
Since meeting Kristan, my life has changed forever. Her knowledge and wisdom around all the deep and sacred topics was like nothing I’ve ever seen or felt.
Everything about her is the true essence of a teacher. Of a Shamanic Priestess.
A goddess walking this realm with purpose and true devotion to impart these sacred teachings. Her unwavering support through the journeys I embarked on; darkness and light, above and below, physical and spiritual, was everything I needed and more. Being held by her is the warmest heart feeling. She is forever my teacher, and lucky are all the souls who cross paths with her and get to be honoured by her presence and wisdom.

Romina Gardella

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