Nutrition coaching uses a team approach to help individuals in learning how to nourish their body correctly.

Parents Have the Power to Help Teenagers Heal

When you become a parent, there is no definitive guidebook for doing everything right. You strive to model healthy behaviors of body and mind. When your teenager develops a disordered relationship with food, traditional treatment methods may leave you feeling confused and defeated. To prioritize your child’s well-being, leaving medical models of standardized protocols for a whole-person healing modality is one of the best things you can do. Parents are critical to their child’s healing process, and essential members of a holistic teenage eating disorders treatment team.

What Is Holistic Teenage Eating Disorders Treatment?

Holistic teenage eating disorders treatment takes a whole-person approach to healing eating disorders. Instead of standardized treatment plans, a holistic outlook takes a medically informed approach to treating all underlying aspects of disordered eating. It goes beyond the basic Western model of medicine, embracing the benefits of dynamic care that fundamentally transform all the multifaceted aspects of your teen’s life, allowing for true core development and change. This allows for unlimited personal growth, leading to an integrated healing process. This type of process sets your teen, and your family, on the path of long-term success and wellness.

What Are the Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder?

Recognizing the signs of an eating disorder is the first step to wellness. Extreme weight loss and gain, damaged teeth and becoming fixated on weight or body image are common signs of an eating disorder. Other compulsive activities, like overexercising, strict meal routines or refusing to eat in front of others are also warning signs.

How Parents Can Help

By participating as active partners in a holistic teenage eating disorder treatment plan, parents can provide the strongest at-home supports to ensure long-term success. Empowering your teen to choose healing modalities that address the full spectrum of underlying medical and spiritual fundamentals allows them to take control of their health. Parents can also learn how to be supportive without fostering a codependent atmosphere, and work with the team to motivate their child to unlock and resolve issues through a full healing process and well-lived life.

Earth’s Edge Wellness offers parent training and consultations to help you lift your child toward a full healing as they transition to wellness. Contact us today for more information about our individualized and effective healing options.