Why Traditional Eating Disorder Treatment Doesn’t Work for Everyone

No two humans have identical lived experiences, and no two people living with an eating disorder are walking identical paths. Eating disorder treatment isn’t just about healing problematic ideas about food; it’s about treating all the issues that created the problematic ideas about food in the first place. No one takes the same path to an eating disorder as another, but traditional eating disorder treatment can feel like there is only one path to healing.

If you’ve tried other treatment programs and still struggle to find relief from the mental anguish eating disorders cause, it may be time to try a different, more holistic approach.

What is Holistic Eating Disorder Treatment?

Where traditional treatment focuses solely on the eating disorder, holistic treatment focuses on the person living with the disorder and all the complexities that can impede healing. Disordered eating, unhealthy ideas about food and problematic relationships with food affect so many areas of a person’s life. Meaningful healing requires an in-depth look at the person you are, the way your life experiences have shaped your ideas about food, and the damage those attitudes have done to other areas of your life.

You are not your eating disorder. You are a person struggling with an unhealthy view of food, but habits can be broken. Damaging behavioral patterns can also be broken when treatment is centered on the person and why they’ve developed maladaptive coping mechanisms in the first place. An eating disorder affects almost every facet of your daily life, which means you’ll need to learn new ways to approach almost everything you do. This is only possible with a whole-person, holistic path to eating disorder treatment.

Flexible, Meaningful Eating Disorder Treatment that Puts You First

For some, the interaction and support network of in-person treatment is vital to their success. For others, integrating healthier ideas and new, more mindful practices is better when it doesn’t require travel arrangements.

Earth’s Edge Wellness understands that treatment must be flexible, tailored to the unique needs of each individual body and spirit and accessible. If you’re ready to take the first step on a rewarding journey of healing and renewal, contact Earth’s Edge Healing today.