Our approach is very simple. We talk to you. We see what you need and then we gather in a team of people with the skill sets and personalities that will help you get to a place where your food, body or exercise are sources of joy instead of pain. Our team meets together weekly to make sure that we are all working as one unit in helping you get your desired goals accomplished. We believe that we need to take your past, present and future in mind. We also directly address your concerns that you have by using techniques that directly involve your body as well as your unconscious mind. Lastly, we believe that your passions and inner drives need to be accessed and experienced as your own. Once they are your own, and once you are given the tools to maturate these parts of yourself, you can lead the life you are meant to live. If not addressed, you already know what happens: your drive goes inward, causing you pain, self doubt, and self-criticism. So let’s get you to a place of joy instead of pain. Click here to set up a time to meet!