Where do we start? In every way: Our therapy and coaching is highly somatic, spiritual, experiential and fun. You will find yourself laughing and crying in the same session. Our dietitian is not only a specialist in eating and exercise disorders, she is also a specialist in sports nutrition, so she will also help factor in your particular physical goals or aspirations. We are the only program that we know of that contains both a Shaman and a Guru. Our Shaman is based in Australia and has done so much life shifting work with people who come to us, particularly with women, women’s issues and life cycles. She also specializes in the treatment of eating disorders utilizing powerful and cathartic shamanic techniques. Our Guru has extensive experience and knowledge and has been providing teachings to thousands of people on techniques from Buddhist, Sufi, and Kundalini traditions. The people who come to see him are of all ages, ethnicities and personal issues. One of his biggest strengths is understanding your underlying reason for your struggles and providing techniques that are effective enough to create quick change. We also provide an experiential career coach with +40 years of experience who helps you discover you and your passions and then helps you find a way to actualize that passion outward as opposed to inward. Our approach is as eclectic and holistic as it needs to be, yet it is highly detail oriented: everything you do and everyone you will meet will be designed intentionally with you in mind. The biggest practical difference we offer is how effective and quick our system is. Every client who has ever invested in working with us has had immediate positive changes within the first week! We hope other programs will learn from us and implement similar practice, but until they do, come join us in getting your life back. Click here to set up a time to talk with us.