How Social Media Impacts Eating Disorders


Social media platforms have been transformational with being able to engage and connect with others around the world. These platforms can become detrimental for individuals suffering from eating disorders or in recovery. Exposure to unrealistic beauty standards can increase anxiety, depression and unhealthy behaviors. Here are the top three ways social media can impact eating [...]

How Social Media Impacts Eating Disorders2022-11-21T09:23:06-08:00

Early Signs of Eating Disorders


Food plays a significant role in all our lives but for some, it goes beyond just nourishment and enjoyment. When food becomes an obsession, either avoiding it or binging, it can evolve into an eating disorder. While each type of disordered eating is different, there are some commonalities. Knowing the early signs of eating disorders [...]

Early Signs of Eating Disorders2022-10-10T08:49:52-07:00


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